Sunday, January 13, 2008


Lately I am obsessed with trash - I find myself thinking about it; picking it up(I've always done that); making art with it; even talking about it with passion. Which can be just a wee bit embarrassing as some people think I am freakish.
You may recall that last year I made my first piece of art with the contents of my studio garbage pail. The piece was donated to The Missouri Coalition for the Environment and was auctioned off at their fund raiser. I loved the experience and challenge of making something beautiful out of trash.
And I am back at it. Dumped my garbage a couple weeks ago and foraged around like an art-making raccoon, to find the perfect ingredients for my latest painting. It's about recycling. Duh. About caps through the ages and why our local recycling company doesn't accept caps or lids. Weird, huh? The things that inspire me I mean.
The piece is 10" x 30" on claybord. It was collaged with paper towels that were retrieved from my garbage. None of these were painted for the purpose of this piece. I did a bit of touch up painting on top, but the piece is largely collage.


  1. i think this idea is remarkable. love it! i used to take my friend's painted papers from the trash and use them (with her blessings). i usually wipe my brushes on my apron so i don't have many bits of trash. but i have one messed up looking apron! the piece turned out really well, mary beth. and i don't get it about the plastic lids either. i only recently heard that and was told they will often throw away a plastic bottle if it comes in with a lid on it!

  2. You know I love the artwork... but oh, the hair! LOVE IT!! Shari

  3. CAPtivating!
    sorry...that's where my head's at today.
    the piece realllly is great though,exceptional use of trash

  4. How wonderful! Sorry it has been so long since I have stopped by. Lots going on.

    Makes me want to pick up all the pieces of antique paper that is on my floor that I normally throw away (believe me, everything good is gone from it) and make something with it.

    BRAVO to you! xxpatti


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