Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I will not feel sorry for Damien Hirst

Just because his auction started the same day the market tanked.  No I won't.  Despite all the world's financial worries with banks failing and AIG about to declare bankruptcy, Sotheby's London made 111 million pounds (over 197 million US dollars) on the Hirst auction.   Who knows what Hirst will get but you can bet it's a bunch.  It is incredible to think that Hirst completely bypassed his galleries.  For someone who is thrilled to obtain gallery representation (that would be me!), it's hard to understand.  

But the sale of all this art just confirms that the rich are still really really rich (duh, like we had any doubt).  If they weren't, I might have had a chance to bid on that pickled shark for my grand kids....


  1. Hey, it's the people who BUY his work for millions that are a bit daft (albeit rich rich rich).

    Hate to say it, but I have a mad mad crush on Damien Hirst. There was a really good interview he did with Charlie Rose earlier this year and he is intelligent, interesting, and h-o-t. I surprised myself by ending up really liking him. If someone is willing to pay that much for some art, well why the heck not take the money & run!

  2. Wish you could've been at Squam! -- you would have loved it. It was great meeting Beth -- how ironic that we turned up being cabin mates. Small world.



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