Friday, September 19, 2008

You asked....

Several people have asked about our kitchen project, how it turned out, specifically all that refinishing I did earlier this year (remember when I was afraid all I would have to put in my booth was cabinet doors?).  Anyhoo, here are some pics.......I had to wait until I cleaned today to take some pictures.  

And yes, I refinished and distressed every single one of these cabinets, even the new ones that we bought to match the pre-existing ones.  Our contractor thought I was stark raving nuts.

See the stained glass lamp above our table?  That belonged to my grandparents and is quite special to me - it was sort of the inspiration piece for the room.  The bar stools are a total kick, aren't they? The color is the same red from my Coke machine which is in our living room and you can actually see it from some angles (not shown in these pics).  The recessed lights are all new and completely transformed the space, oh how I love them.  That boxy area on the other side of the table is the powder room (which is entered from the hall on the left.  The hall on the right has a utility pantry.  We doubled the width of the hall on the left and the hall on the right wasn't even there before (that used to be a large walk-in pantry & wet bar on the family room side).  I wanted "gallery" walls since we have sort of a moving display of art around here.  

Anyway, that is the tour of my new kitchen.  I love it so much, it was quite a project, something that John and I conceptualized and luckily our brilliant contractor figured out how to make it a reality for us.  
(I think the pictures enlarge if you click on them)


  1. I am so moving in next week. I LOVE it and great job. The bar stools are great fun!

    Thinking about one of our kitchen remodels still brings me a since of panic and dread!

    See you in Florida


  2. WHOA.....I've been in your kitchen...only once....but I remember it enough to look at the new one and go, "holy shit" that's fabulous !!!!

    You must be in total love with question about that !!!

    {ps...can you believe that susan I shared a cottage ?}

  3. Nice work! I especially love the distressed cabinets -- I did the same to some stained wide pine boards on one of my living room walls -- I can feel your pain and strain from all that arm work -- lots of elbow grease.

    Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes.


  4. So.....when are you coming over to start the work on MY cabinets?? :) It looks awesome!

  5. Very nice. I love the lights. The cabinets are beautiful~I know that was alot of work. Great Job =)


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