Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dog days

It is so darn cold here, eight below wind chill today.  Naturally I have this overwhelming urge to walk outside but of course I can't handle all the wind in my feeble ears.  Even with my ear muffs there is no way I would want to be exercising outside.  Luckily we have a warming trend coming this weekend.

The days are going fast this year.  I am accustomed to down time in January and February and this year I am too busy to even rest.  Last week I woke up during the night several times and couldn't get back to sleep cause I was thinking about all the stuff I had to do.  I am certainly grateful for the opportunities, but I am dog tired (this is my cousin's dog by the way, isn't she cute?).  

So, I plug on. Perhaps I will be able to rest one of these days, I am thinking early March or late April?
In the meantime, I taught my weekly Painting/Drawing class (3rd-5th graders) today; Geometric Abstract book is on Saturday; then I have 4 classes on Monday (I'm one of the guest artists at a private high school); and Painting/Drawing again next Tuesday.  In between I am working on the Library's commission........I carved the claybord and blocked in most of the color yesterday.  And of course there are a more abstracts I want to do for my solo show.  

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  1. oh sweetie...put your feet up and have a cup of tea on these cold days...slow down the rush as the time is flying by !!

    seriously, try some down time...your mind will love you for it and you'll sleep better at night


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