Monday, February 16, 2009

Palette Pages - the sketchbook project

I signed up for this project called the sketchbook project, sponsored by Art House Coop.
I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I signed up, I mean gee, I was only painting for a solo gallery show, teaching a bunch of classes, trying to submit for upcoming art fairs, managing commissions, etc, etc. How I thought I might also be able to maintain a sketchbook is beyond me. But I really wanted to do it and plus I loved the entire concept and spirit of the project. So what the hey, I signed up.

The "sketchbook" arrived and it was this baby moleskin, smaller than what I normally use. It freaked me out cause I just couldn't draw that small and I felt so oddly inhibited. I drew a few things and promptly tore them out. So much for my "no mistakes" motto, ha!

Anyway, since I was painting every day, I decided to start saving my palette pages - the waxed deli sheets I use when mixing my paint. I always enjoy looking at them and thought it would be cool to save them in a more formal manner. I've scanned a few of them here so you can see what I am talking about.

I am such a paint freak that I really like them. Each one reminds me of a specific point in time and I can instantly transport myself back to the exact painting involved. I know this memory shall fade as the year goes by and I wish I would have left some blank space so I could do a tiny journal entry about the paints I used (yeah, I know that is waaaaayyyyyy anal) what I was working on, etc. Going forward I will definitely add commentary of some sort.

I'm not going to submit the journal for the official tour as it can't even remotely be categorized as sketching. I will also confess my regret that I didn't manage to establish a regular sketching practice after all. But I am totally grateful to the way the project propelled me to keep my palette pages.


  1. LOVE this idea -- and the results.

  2. LOL....I can't remember what class it was at VR where I loved the soaked paper towels under my project better that what I was working on...and I saved them for god only knows what, but they were beautiful !!

  3. i so get this. i don't think it is anal at all. i always feel that with painting, the journey, the process is worth more than the finished piece. the struggle and excitement along the way is priceless. and you are honoring that with this book. and you are too busy enjoying that process to go crazy regaling it but a brief stop is good reflection. and that is food for your spirit.

  4. I wish you would have submitted your book! I really like the concept and the idea of "sketching" is used loosly in the project. We encourge all kinds of work. If you still want to, please send it in and I will make sure it is accepted!

    -Steven from arthouse


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