Thursday, July 09, 2009

Artistic Process and Progress

I like to read about how other artists approach their work. I am especially interested in how they think and enjoy watching the progression and development of their art.

Signe Grushovenko and her hubby Genna are art fair buddies of mine. I haven't even seen them this year, but I am proud to own one of their paintings. Check out Signe's blog to see a fascinating photo log; she has revisited the same scene (think Monet with haystacks) a number of times over the past years and it is cool to see how her work has changed during this time.

It made me think of something Jonathan Talbot told a class (back in 2001 when I studied with him). One of the girls in our class had made an especially successful collage. Jonathan congratulated her on the piece and told her to go back to her studio and make 50 more. I was a baby artist in those days and was kind of shocked when he said that. But I get it now.

Do it, do it and do it again. Own it.
Haystacks, baby.


  1. so true. you can't make progress unless you go through the (sometimes painful, often frustrating, in the end rewarding)process.) Gotta love blogs for recording this journey. Looking back through my own requires much bravery and/or many glasses of wine. ; )

  2. Thanks for the nod, Mary Beth! I wonder where we'll see you next? Kentuck this year? xoxo


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