Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I've been doing a lot of work with Triads lately - mainly in preparation for the class I am teaching at Valley Ridge (and yeah, we still have a few extra spots if you want to jump in, call Kathy).
I work with Triads a lot as I love to mix all my own paints rather than rely on what comes out of the tube. Obviously I used a lot of white here too and pencil and collage and Wood Icing for the texture. No black though (except pencil), I simply wasn't in the mood on the day I painted these. I was trying to harness the feeling of Spring.


  1. any chance i can make something this fabulous in two days while taking your class ?

  2. Absofriggin-lutely!!!

  3. Beautiful moody triads, talented One. How I wish Valley Ridge was a possibility for me right now !
    May the spring energy raise you up!

  4. Oh you so captured spring!!! Love this piece!! Wonderful!

  5. Looks great! Can't wait to meet you and my bunking buddy Beth.

  6. These were fun to see, MB! Thanks for posting them.


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