Friday, April 30, 2010

More Valley Ridge

Here is a little movie that will hopefully give you a feel for the Valley Ridge experience. There are shots of the land, the studio, surrounding area and student work. It is a magical experience; Kathy and Bill take such good care of me. I am one lucky girl. 

I took these pictures with my iPhone. For those of you who inquired about apps, Kathy turned me on to ToyCamera and CameraBag. Geez, they are fantastic apps, nearly idiot-proof which is something that I need, tee, hee.

The music is Au Revoir Simone; the song is Shadows.


  1. You made a wonderful video! Loved all the photos!! And the music was perfect!!

  2. Thanks for the trip. Hope I make it there in person some day soon. You have a great eye, Mary-Beth !

    Happy Friday !

  3. looks like an amazing time....wish i could have been there....OH WAIT....i was....tee hee

  4. I am having so much fun with these camera apps, I have toycamera, camerabag and PSmobile. Was there another one? I'm taking pictures around the city (Chicago). Thanks and the video is great.

  5. You captured it alright. Very nice! I am going in September, will make chapter 2 of the video.


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