Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Nine little claybords

Here they are, the ATC's. I scanned them and a couple are upside down, hahaha, I have faith you probably noticed that already. Geez. I have fond memories of them now that they are gone. As you can see, I used my stencils along with the Wood Icing Textura paste. Also little bits of Mica that I bought from Dan Essig when I was at Art Unraveled. I have never really used Mica before but Dan had these really cool shapes and I just loved them. His hotel room was on the same floor as mine and one day I found a little chip of Mica on the floor near the elevator - a calling card of sorts - dork that I am, I carried it in my pocket all day long as if it would bring me luck.

In other news.......wow, what a nice weekend. It is amazing to not have to work on the weekend. I have had so many shows/teaching/store obligations onetwothreefourfive all in a row that it has been forever since I have had a weekend off. All I can say is I like it. A lot. Not to say I lazed around. Ha! Perish the thought. I worked on the cabinets for the bathroom remodel and they are in a good place. Done? I am not sure, you know how that goes.

This week I am getting ready for Art Outside at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, MO. If you are nearby, you should pop over to St. Louis this weekend. The 'big' show takes place in Clayton. that is the well known show with top artists from all over the country. It is a lovely show and I was lucky enough to be accepted several years ago. Art Outside is the 'local' show, filled with 50 local artists including many friends of mine. It is always very good art and lots of fun. Plus great beer. So two shows the same weekend. I trust the weather will be perfect.


  1. These are fabulous! Wish I could see them in the flesh with the Mica bits. I LOVE mica & I love your ATC's :)

  2. each one is more wonderful than the next. I am lucky enough to have seen and enjoyed all of them for a bit...so hard to be sending them all back out...I would love to keep the whole set to myself LOL :)
    Thank you MB .I owe ya one !!


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