Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I have been on a whirl lately. I wrote a post last week, along with a picture and poof! it disappeared, surely I did something wrong, who knows what. Is anyone still out there? I feel disconnected, life has picked me up and tossed me into the surf, where I am jostled in the waves, rushing in and out and in and out with little sense of direction.
I am looking forward to this weekend - no shows, no work at the store; I am home. Of course I still have lots to do. Preparations for Schlafly Art Outside which is Sept. 10-12, then I leave for Squam on the 15th. Not to mention we are having our bathroom remodeled (master bath) and I have to finish our vanity this weekend. I will paint and distress it like I did with the kitchen. The project came about much quicker than I expected so it all feels a little frantic right now.

The pictures above are 2 ATC's I made for a project one of my friends convinced me to do. She intends to publish them I think, it is an incredible group of women, I do know that. So I said yes. And then I cursed every step of the way. It is such a tiny format, terribly hard for me to work like this - these are on claybord by the way. I will show the rest of them in the coming days. I can't wait to see what the others made.

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  1. ATC's can really tax your creative side. Ha! But your two examples are marvelous!!
    Enjoy your project!
    I always get a little flustered when I say I will do something and then when it comes time to perform...I get irritated. Ha! Don't know why! Guess I feel pushed into it.


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