Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Conclusion of the Fabulous Purse Contest

When I left you, dear reader, you were begging among yourselves for a chance to win  Deb Trotter's gorgeous purse. Well, I have to say this was quite the contest, an event elevated by world class begging among several avid candidates. You may want to go read some of the begging comments as they are clever and hilarious. Needless to say, Deb and I really got a kick out of this. So much fun!

To continue the spirit of fun and to also ensure neutral decision making, I enlisted the help of two trusted aids - my grandsons, Aidan and Ian.
After seeing all the entries, the boys talked about the situation briefly and quickly developed a plan as to how they would perform their role as judges.
Aidan's Spreadsheet of Beggers & Begs
Aidan, age 8, the extremely meticulous one (son of 2 engineers), decided that a chart was needed. As we spread all the entries on the floor, he started his chart. Each Begger was assigned a code that was written horizontally across the bottom of the page. As I read the Begs out loud, the boys ranked them up vertically, giving an 'x' for a poor beg and an 'o' for a good beg. As the Begger did additional Begging, the rankings continued to build and we could quickly see a real competition developing among several people. 
The boys discussing the merits of Begs
Once all the Begs had been assessed and rated, Aidan counted them up and we were all stunned to see there was a TIE between Kath and Jill Berry. Oh my gosh, we couldn't believe it! The boys decided to flip a coin. But it wasn't as simple as you might have guessed. They assigned 'heads' to Jill and 'tails' to Kath and determined that to win, a person had to get two of three. The first toss was heads. The second toss was heads. Oh my. The third toss was heads.  That is when I asked to check the coin and indeed, it was proper, no shenanigans, this was a fair fight.
So.......without further ado, the winner......Jill Berry. Woo hoo!!


  1. Gotta say it. Jill is a first class beggar! Much better than I'd have done. Her creativity really shines. : ) Lots of good begging there...and durn it! I missed your blog that week. Shows ta go ya - never miss a post!

  2. I am blogging ( about my wonderful MB Shaw stencil prize tomorrow night, along with photos. Thanks, Mary Beth! I look forward to using them. They'll add lots of depth to my work. It was such fun to learn that I'd won! THANKS!

  3. Congrats to Jill!!
    And your judges are not only adorable but very clever!!

  4. Bravo to all the beggers. Congrats, Jill!!!

  5. How hilarious! I love this! And congratulations to Jill!

  6. I just got the wonderful news, that I'm a lucky winner, too!! Thanks so much - this is really fantastic!

  7. And just when I thought you couldn't top the idea of making people BEG - Who would've thought those 2 cute grandsons would be so GREAT at picking the winner - and so scientifically. LOVE it!

  8. Woo Hoo, Jill - congrats!


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