Sunday, July 17, 2011

Style File

Check it out HERE. Seth Apter, The Pulse. My art & comment are featured today.
I also returned from Encausticamp today. Geez, still reeling from all the waxy goodness. Even better than the art-making was the comraderie of like-minded people. I was sad leaving. Once I come down from my 'high' I will share some details. But right now I am wallowing with John and the kitties. Ok, maybe that was too much information :)


  1. Hi Mary Beth,
    I saw your piece in Seth's Style File and had to come and explore your work further. I was immediately reminded of Laurie Doctor's work when I saw your magical art. Do you know of her?
    Also love your blog introduction! The luxury of being able to express this life visually in endless infinite ways - how blessed we are!
    You've inspired me and I love your work!

  2. Glad you got to soak up some sweet comraderie juju! I can just imagine how yummy the time was. Needing some of that myself.
    Happy Landings !

  3. Lovely piece on Style File... congrats.

  4. Mary Beth,
    I loved your piece on The Altered Page in The Pulse: Style File Chapter 5. Especially, the depth created by the multiple layers used in the piece, and the richness of both colors and textures! I see from your blog that you have just been to an encaustic workshop, and I would say that the kind of layered look you create, and use of both hard and soft edges, found in your pieces really lends itself to encaustic. I have only had a "brief encounter" with encaustic, myself, but plan on using it more, myself. Have you tried gelatin monoprints? It's a technique of which I have recently become aware, which looks like it would work well with your style. Anyway, loved your work, enjoyed looking at, and reading your blog, and I am going to check out your book. Thanks for sharing on Seth's blog!

  5. Thanks for spreading the word about Style File.


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