Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sewing with Stencils

Some of you dear readers follow me over on Facebook and noticed my post about my stiff neck and shoulder.......from my hand sewing efforts no less.

Well, here it is. My second altered t-shirt using my stencils (the first debuts in the next issue of Pasticcio)
I first saw The Incredible Jenny Doh using one of my stencils on a scarf. Then I saw stencils used as applique patterns in the The Alabama Stitch book. So why not mine?
I think Pam Carriker's WING or Judy Wise's ROOSTER or Michelle Ward's CIRCLE RAY or Patricia Seggebruch Baldwin's BUBBLES would be amazing........and just think, you could paint the design too.
Ohohoh!!! I just remembered, has anyone else seen the new Martha Stewart paints at Michael's? The display said they would work on glass, ceramic, fabric, metal.....hmmmm, don't tell me I need to try yet another product?? Has anyone tried them yet?


  1. Sorry you're having shoulder problems! I get stiff shoulders a lot, and what works wonders for me is using a heat pack, gently stretching, and... getting massages. The right massage therapist can do wonders!

    I use stencils for a lot of craft projects. Know what also works for creating patterns? Cookie cutters. Trace along the outside, and voila! They're really cheap at Michaels, too.

    -- Sarah

  2. Cookie cutters! Duh, slaps self in head, why didn't I ever think of that? Really a good idea.
    And yes, I have been doing heat. And I so wanna get a massage.....soon, very soon.....

  3. No! I haven't heard of the new paint. Now I have to go find it to try it out. Metal huh? Cool!!

  4. Lovely! Always blazing a trail of inspiration, Mary Beth.

  5. I want to make a t-shirt like this. but maybe in blue, to make my bangs. Hey, do you still have that feather in your hair?


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