Friday, September 02, 2011

Lookee Here - Podcast time

Oh me oh my, it is with a little ok, a lot of trepidation that I announce 
Ricë Freeman-Zachery has done a Podcast with me. 
I can't listen to it, seriously I can't. My voice drives me crazy for one thing. Plus I have already heard it, being there while it was recorded, ya know. 
Ricë is so fun I forgot we were recording. 
Consequently there were several times I was possibly a bit too animated for a podcast. 
Just saying. 
Seriously though, I adore Ricë. She is a wonderfully caring individual and I have such respect for all the contributions she makes in our little patch of the art world. Take a minute to check out the content on her Voodoo Cafe Blog or over at Create mixed Media. How does she do it all!?!?
And listen to my Podcast......if you must......oh geez, I think I was probably supposed to publicize this better......
Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. I listened to this podcast last night, and I loved it. Not only did I laugh and learn something, but the expression of some of your thoughts opened up a little blockage in me. Now I can't wait to focus on an idea that's been gurgling around in my mind for some time. (And by the way, your voice is lovely!)

  2. MaryBeth,
    The podcast was fabulous, genuine, and thoughtfully expressed. I loved the story of how the name of your blog came to be The Common Denominator. Opening your heart makes it easier for some of us to realize what is in ours. Thanks for sharing! You deserve all that you are are one hard working woman and I'm glad you are enjoying every minute. Have fun in that gorgeous new studio with Julie. I will be looking for info on the workshops you mentioned!

  3. Well, how fun was that, I ask you? :-)) I can totally relate to the putting blinders on analogy ~ I find myself in that artful splattered scattered state all too often! Look forward to catching up in person ~ next week!!



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