Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Commission Update

I worked in the studio all day using my newly created pattern paper for the first layer collage.

It pieced together beautifully and created exactly the subtle look I imagined.
After sending a photo update to my client, it was determined that I had taken some artistic liberties they had not expected. With their logo. It seemed minimal to me but the client knows best.

Back to Square One.
Not to the micro brewery next to my studio (yep, it is called Square One - and believe me, I did think about going there) but to the drawing board.
It ain't always pretty.

(In case you are wondering, yes, I am second guessing the merits of featuring this play by play on my blog. But In for a dime, etc.....hoping perhaps this is interesting to you guys? And also testing how many colloquialisms I can use in one Blog entry. I am perhaps a teeny bit slap happy. Ahem.)


  1. Mary Beth, there are many great merits to reading your play-by-play. I think sometimes adoring fans forget that there is a lot of thought, trial and error, starting over and "oops", that go into making a successful piece. The best lesson is to see how you overcome a setback and create your wonderful work.

    Thank you for opening up to us in this way.

  2. I'm loving the play-by-play, it's such a huge and unusual project, not one many of use will ever tackle so it's interesting to see how you bite off the smaller chunks that will make the whole. Love the texture on the side.

  3. As I sit here doing, basically, nothing, I do enjoy reading how other artists take on commissions and tackle the pros and cons of such work. So keep sharing :) And good luck with the next version!

  4. no! don't stop! it's tiring to hear about all the art world's successes, without a mention that there is a lot of work behind them. even my husband looks at me cross-eyed when i point to a piece and say "i worked so hard on that one," or "that one fought me." he thinks i just grab a paintbrush, a beret and a baguette and tra-la-la ... it's done! (well, he hears the blue language seeping under the door, but still...)

  5. Having been a graphic designer in the commercial advertising world for 18 years in a past life, I can relate. The only thing worse than a client is a committee of clients! LOL


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