Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Rabbit hole

We took a trip to Texas last week and I am still slightly derailed. While hiking with my brother and his family I saw this hole and perhaps inadvertently slipped into it......ahem.

Seriously though, I have a lot going on right now. Good and exciting and all that great stuff but
 I. Am.Busy. 
Which makes me a bad blogger
Next week I am starting a rather large commission and I will document my process here. Hopefully you will find it interesting.
And, in kitty news, my little girl, Lyra has grown up!
Check out this picture of her fluffiness and mane!!! Remy hasn't gotten his yet. I will keep you informed.
Isn't Lyra cute though? Or maybe that's just a mama talking.


  1. Hey MD... is that really a rabbit hole? or are you just being Alice in Wonderland. Would love to see your progress/process on your commish. You baby looks like a queen on a pedestal.. or she thinks she is.

  2. Looking forward to watching you progress with the commissioned piece. And what a beautiful kitty, such gorgeous colouring

  3. That looks like a snake hole. Yikes. Look forward to seeing your commissioned piece. Pets to the cats!

  4. Received your business card while at ArtFest, came over to visit your blog. I lived in TX most of my life, where were you?


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