Monday, January 28, 2013

Workshops - here, there & online!

I feel incredibly honored to be part of so many wonderful teaching events this year. If you take a look over on the left hand side of my blog, you will see the total lineup.
I so look forward to seeing what this year brings forth.
I welcome the opportunity to share time with my repeat students and to also get to know new students. For me, these events are about so much more than the art (and that part is pretty flippin' good), but they are also about community. Finding the courage to put ourselves out there and then the miracle that occurs when we all realize we are more alike than different. That we have a tribe!
Such beautiful experiences, I cherish each and every one.
Batik Papers - taught during classes at Valley Ridge and Small Studio

In addition to the workshops listed, I also have plans to be in New York twice this year, once November 9-10 and a second time December 6-8. I can't say exactly what is going on yet, but the plans are blowing my mind - if you are near Manhattan, you might want to save those dates.
Total MixUp - taught at Art is You, Nashville, Petaluma
And......I am doing Online classes as part of Artful Gathering. I am very excited and the hubster and I have been experimenting with you new video camera. Who knew I would be such a ham!?!? Well, that was a rhetorical question because I guess anyone who knows me would have known, huh? If you would like to know the inside skinny on Artful Gathering, you can preregister HERE.

Wanna go to Italy? There is still time to register and a few spots remain. Click HERE to find out more about this trip of a lifetime. Having never been to Italy, I am giddy like a child.
Explore your Senses in Italy

Pinch me already. Life is very good.
Hope to see you soon.


  1. Italy?? That is fabulous...enjoy all your classes!

  2. Pinch ! Yes it is all real and all so well deserved for you, Hardworking, Talented, Generous One !
    Enjoy !!!

  3. hello and thanks for your lovely comments on my paintings..glad life is treating you well


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