Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting muscles

I've been working out.
My painting muscles.
They have become flabby and weak over these past months. Typically I spend the winter months doing 'my own' work. In the past, this has meant that I painted whatever I wanted with no specific goal in mind. But as I have become more and more busy (and ok, a little bit successful, all good stuff!), I found that my winter didn't really allow that type of freedom.
I had a ton of deadlines.
My book manuscript was due.
StencilGirl grew (!) and required my attention.

Consequently, the muscle thing.
But I am back. Well, not quite, I should say I am almost back. I started this painting last Friday and finished it up yesterday. If felt good. Wish my second attempt also felt that good, but you know how these things go. It takes time and I will suffer with aches and pains. One step forward, two back for a day or two until I find my groove.
It reminds me why a regular painting regimen is so vital. And why I need to be careful to not lose myself so easily to the business requirements of life.
Ahem.....anyone else have an issue with this?


  1. Sorry I've lost track of you but looks like so many cool things have come your way! Yay! Congrats!

  2. Ah, yes muscle fatigue, though it might not be the same things that take us away from maintaining those painting muscles, the results are the same :-) It's a great piece. Feeling the pain!

  3. I agree with the loss of impetus unless you try to think 'art' at least once a day. Life has a habit of getting in the way.

  4. Although I don't have a business, I work for large computer company full-time that consumes me. Balance balance... juggle juggle.. or should I say jiggle jiggle.
    You have wonderful things going on in your life. Embrace it.

  5. Anonymous6:06 AM

    we get so involved in the details we forget the most important part! love how the new painting worked out! more!! lyle


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