Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Student Work from Art is You!

Total Mix Up, that was the name of my class. I don't mean that in a crazed way, rather in a way that gets us (all of us, me too!) out of our brains so that we can make art in such a way that moves us to the next level.

It is about color. 
And texture.
And composition.

Multi tasking.
Releasing into the work.

These are pieces made by my students. 
They were geniuses, I swear. 

There will be a second session of this class at Art is You (Petaluma) this year.
Won't you join me? 
The class will be held in a lovely Benicia studio.
I feel sure we will be wildly inspired by the setting.
Thanks so much to my Nashville class.
You were a brilliant way to start my teaching year.
Just brilliant. I couldn't have dreamed you up if I tried.
I love you all; you make me look so good.


  1. You ARE good MaryBeth! It was one of hte best classes I've ever taken and I had fun with all the techniques you shared!

  2. What fabulous work, everyone. MB is the BEST teacher... and fun too!

  3. Gorgeous, Mary Beth!
    You are the BEST teacher!! So inspiring and encouraging.

    Love the pops of complementary colors in these...along with all the wonderful textures of course!

  4. Wow, these look really cool. When are you coming to the UK?

  5. Sound like a great workshop and I love the pieces created, beautiful!


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