Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stencil giveaway

Last week I had a chance to play.
Yep, I really did.
30" x 24" Mixed Media, Mary Beth Shaw
And it was so darn awesome I realized just how much I had missed playing. Fingers and hands and feet and hair (oops) with patches of paint. Because that is what I do, I am a bit of a pig. I was playing with pattern, which is one of my very very favorite things ever. I used Michelle Ward's stencils, all different sizes of her Marrakech stencil to be specific. This global inspired painting was the result of my play.

I used the stencils both as a painting tool and a cutting guide for collage parts. I used other smaller stencils to create pattern on top of the Marrakech bits. Layer after layer after layer.

So, over at the brand spankin' new StencilTalk Blog, we are having a giveaway. This is your last day to enter. It is pretty fab if I do say so myself, we are giving away a Gelli and a package of 10(!!!!) stencils. Scurry on over, you need to enter before midnight. Cause I know how you all love stencils.


  1. Love this piece, even more so now that I know the size! Would have liked to watch a video of the process, maybe next time? I have already entered to win the awesome giveaway at Stencilgirl Products, thanks for the chance.

  2. I love how you've got so many different patterns and textures here and they all work together magnificently guiding the eye around the whole canvas!

  3. LOVE LOVE what you made with Michelle's stencil!

  4. This image appeals to me on many levels. I love the palette and the wonderful layering.... the mix of paint and's all gorgeous.

  5. Anonymous6:01 AM

    mary beth, what a terrific piece! so glad to see new things from you! you gave me ideas!


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