Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Re-discovering Italy

Over the weekend I finally got a chance to unpack my art supplies from Italy. Yeah, seems crazy doesn't it, but consider that a glimpse into my over-active life, I mean Italy was 2 trips ago, haha.
So anyway, I had a big ole bag of 'stuff' on the floor of my studio. I truly had no idea what was in there and my feeble mind, being what it is, well........it was like Christmas.

This first shot is the tiny bag I took with me for journaling. Prior to the trip I made a batch of handpainted paper, my favorite kind for journals, that being Fabriano Hot Press. I painted and stenciled very randomly on both sides (using Matisse Background colors, but any colored gesso or matte paint would work). I tore my pages and made teeny weeny journals for each section of my trip - four total. I also carried a pencil, pen, a few stencils, sponge, glue stick, scissors, tapes rubbing block (kid's crayon) and Peerless watercolors plus a tiny contained or white gesso. That was it. I finished the art in the journals, but still have some writing to do and hopefully I can complete them this weekend.

Look at this!!! What a treat to find the packages of pigment I purchased in Florence at Zecchi. I loved my visit to this famous art store and was delighted to find a gentleman (and yes, he was truly a gentleman) who spoke beautiful English. He helped me select the items on my wish list, that being pigments and a hand made crystal Muller. There were so many stunning pigments, it was nearly impossible to make a selection, I could have gone broke in that store. Seriously. But I chose carefully and ended up with pigments that instantly transport me back to the magic called Italy. And that Muller! Simply gorgeous, it feels so wonderful in my hand, cool and smooth, I imagine all the artistic history of Florence vibrating through this Muller.
In a completely spontaneous gesture, I bought a set of Honey Watercolors. Why? I have no idea, must of been a "when in Italy" moment because I rarely use watercolor and don't even have the knowledge to handle this set appropriately.  I might have to take some lessons with my friend Carol Carter. Taped there to the side of the watercolor box is my Silver point. Oooh la la.
Remains to be seen what sort of madness I will conjure up with these supplies. I feel sure they possess special powers of some sort, you know what I mean?
A girl's gotta dream.


  1. Sounds like a dream, MaryBeth. What great memories that I'm sure you'll create more of.

  2. Yum! What will you be doing with pigments? I have gobs of pigments from both Italy and France that I've collected over the years! They are wonderful to use on soy prepped fabric when mixed with soy milk.

  3. Wonderful memories and some great treasures bought.

  4. Oh look at those pigments! I have never used anything like that! The watercolors look YUMMY, can't wait to hear how you like them. Glad you could be transported back to Italy for a little while :)

  5. Can you see me...I'm green.

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM

    What a beautiful little set of watercolors you found....perfect tins of brilliant color...I bet you are tasting Italy in your heart right now. xox

  7. looks like some great stuff! had to laugh at the watercolor purchase. I've bought supplies like that in seattle. something about being in Daniel Smith -after artfest just makes you buy stuff.

  8. u are so lucky to have been in an art store in italy! i will dream, aloha, angi in hana


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