Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Of Surgeries and Art and Healing

What on earth have I been doing you might ask, seems like I am in and out and around and up and down and before I blink another month has ripped by me.
Part of a journal page
You remember my Mom had surgery and I traveled to be with her during and afterwards, she was a real trooper, I would love to be able to to show you some of the photos I took but she is so very private she would freak out. In fact, don't tell her I am even sharing stories, ok? Pictures like the one with the little ET-like contraption on her finger; she would point her crooked finger with its red glow, in a way that might be adorable except it was the wrong finger if you know what I mean. Or the photo of her walking hospital halls, all the 'devices' removed for the first time so she had put on a really cute nightgown I had bought her, she was wearing it with her stylish Birkinstocks don't you know, quite the fashion statement. Or maybe I could tell you about the absolutely hilarious post surgery bits my brothers and I soverymuch wanted to film, our doped up Mom flirting with doctors and cracking jokes left and right. She doesn't remember a thing.
Painted envelopes that I used to send Happy Mail
I guess what I am saying is it wasn't all bad. Sure it sucked, it was a damn serious surgery and she has the cruddy C-word, a rare kind that has been removed so we are told, but how does anyone know for sure, this sneaky disease that is known to jump from organ to organ. So we continue as the joking type people we are, when the going gets tough, we tend to crack often inappropriate jokes. Like weeks before surgery when I called my Mom on the phone and said, "Hey Mom, how's it going, you still got Cancer?" Lucky for me, she shares my extremely twisted sense of humor. And I believe these moments help us at least get some emotion (perhaps not the 'right' one?) out. I don't know but it somehow works for us. That plus my Art Journal. Art does save you know, I had my Mom painting collage pages just days after surgery. And I took doodle stuff for all my family. Of course they laugh at me, they are beyond the idea of indulging my every whim. But you knew that.
Another journal page, that is a tree picture I took
In art news, I did manage to film my latest Webinar during all this hullabaloo. HERE is a link to sign up if you so desire. I am proud of it, I did the filming and editing myself and am pleased to say that *I* would even sign up, I do think it is worthwhile. 


  1. So proud of you Mary Beth. You are so strong.
    And your art journal pages are GORGEOUS!
    Glad your mom is doing well, and I'm looking forward to your next webinar! :)

  2. Glad your Mom is making it through this hard stuff, MB, and that she had her kids around her to help her.
    Your pages inspire as always ! Hopefully the new month will be full of happier things and lots of creative time !
    Hugs !

  3. You paint a beautiful picture of a strong, loving and totally human family. It warms my heart. And I'm filled with hope that all will be well.

  4. PS -- Thank you for choosing my stencil "Twinship" in the middle piece posted above. It's one of my favorites because of how it turned out, but also because it brings back warm memories of the day I took the original photo from which I digitally derived this design. It was a day of sunshine and friendship.

  5. Laughter is the best medicine. Your family sounds great. You and your mom are in my thoughts. Love the art and I did sign up for the video class

  6. Sending good vibes and juju to you, your mom and family.

  7. Mary Beth, twisted humor is my favorite! We have to laugh at things that don't really seem laughable to survive. I pray your mom is recovering and that she has been healed completely. Blessings and prayers!

  8. So sorry you hear about you Mom. but you were the best as a daughter, there for her making her laugh and holding back your tears. God bless you and your Mom

  9. Mary Beth, with all you are going through, it was so very kind and thoughtful for you to still create a piece for the auction-a really beautiful canvas! Your Mom is in my prayers and healing wishes are being sent out to her. It is good that you and your family have your humor to get you through tough times!Glad you are all together as one! my best to you- ")

  10. Hope things have progressed well with your mom MB. What a blessing that she had you ( and your humor ) by her side!

  11. Alas.though I signed up and paid for the webinar, the support from the vendor was so poor that not only was I unable to access the live webinar, but I haven't been able to get the additional materials such as the PDF and videos which are promised as part of the package I bought. What a surprise and a disappointment.

  12. Better news. F&W Media services called me back yesterday about the webinar glitch. Glad to hear that the whole thing will be available inline in a week to 10 days. Meanwhile, this blog is very useful. Thanks, Mary Beth.


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