Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art Journal Love

OK, OK, you already know I have become obsessed with Art Journaling, in fact, you might be tired of me talking about it, I hope not though. 'cause I can't help but share. Journaling has seriously changed my life and provided me with an easy artistic outlet during this time when I haven't been able to be in the studio as much as I would like. I would normally be grumbling something fierce, but my journals (yeah, I am working across several these days) have saved me. 

Today my pages take advantage of new stencils by Terri Stegmiller. They are pretty darn awesome (the stencils, I mean). And you know what? I have never met Terri in person! She has been with StencilGirl for a long time, contacting us quite early in our journey. I am so glad I brought her into our li'l family as I love her aesthetic. You can find her new designs (and other new ones too! ) on the 'What's New Page of our website. 
But back to journals - they allow me to try products that I might not use in my paintings. Like GELATOS!!! Made by Faber Castell, I have known of them for a long time, but since they are water soluble I never bought any because I work so darn wet in wet when I am painting. I figured they would be wasted.
Guess what? They are absolutely PERFECT for journals! Oh.My.Gosh. I bought this little pack on a whim, when I was at Dick Blick last week, Assorted Reds (includes pink and purple though, yay!!!) and I also got a Double Scoop Mango. I am smitten in love with these Gelatos.
Fabulous results, they are so creamy and gorgeous, I can easily layer up color on my painted pages. They are just so-so yummy.
I also used irResistable Texture Spray. I heard about this from my friend Seth Apter and of course I had to get my hands on some too. If you enlarge the 1st and 2nd picture you can see where I sprayed some in the corners - it dries super fast and leaves a splattered texture which is very cool. I used it on some of my labels too (3rd photo).
Needless to say, I had a wonderful weekend. I pulled back from StencilGirl duties for a few days so that I could have a chance to relax and refresh with my family. I journaled to my hearts content, even journaled with my friend Mary Nasser on Saturday. FunFunFun and the Journaling is good.
I feel restored.
How about you? 


  1. Sweet pages, Mary Beth! I'm hoping that we will meet in person one day.

  2. I love all your art journaling! I just ordered some of Terri's new stencils... I love them too! Can't wait to play with them!

  3. MB These are gorgeous and so much my style. I got a bunch of Gelatos at Art and Soul, but haven't used them much. Did you gesso your pages first? And did you use any other medium for the color?

  4. Oh, Mary Beth! These pages are so lovely!
    I had such a WONDERFUL time art journaling with you Saturday! Thank you!
    And I played in my art journal all day Sunday and Monday, too!!
    Yes, so very restorative!!

  5. Love your page. The colors are wonderful and Terri's stencils great. I would not have guessed Gelatos. Yeah!

  6. Journal page love! How cool that you are trying out so many new products in your journal!!

  7. my art journals,are my passion and joy,the three I am cross working are right near my chair so that during my day I can look,paste,color.I have only one or two friends @ this time who are interested in art journals.Thank you all for sharing,so inspiring for me here in the woods.

  8. Will have to check out the gelatos. Great pages.


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