Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My mom and dad are visiting later this week. I guess for some people that would be no big deal. For me of course, it signals massive amounts of work as I turn the house upside down and attempt to complete all the "projects" I have wanted to do in the last 2 years since they visited. Ugh. Like the guest room for instance.; the closet has become a dumping ground for all sorts of things that have no home. Like clothes I intend to donate. Old framed art we are not using. Empty shoe boxes (huh? why am I saving these?). Fuschia feathered boa (don't ask).

The room is large and bright and I have this idea it should be inviting and appealing in a bed and breakfast sort of way. At this point there is a bed and 2 little wicker chests. That's it. Spare you might say? Un-decorated is the look that comes to my mind.

My mom is a craft hobbyist and just loves my studio. She is enthralled by all the books and art supplies and I could probably just leave her down there for the entire visit. In fact, she has announced that is all she really wants to do; hang in my studio so I can teach her things. Nice? Yeah, of course it's nice and I really cherish this opportunity. But the place is simply a mess from too many back to back shows. The downside of all this space is I can spread out and the mess has moved way beyond reasonable parameters.

Yesterday I tackled the studio. Worked nearly all day long to put things back in their places. John restored the art to the gallery walls. I went through a huge(and I mean H-U-G-E) pile of paper stuff that has been stacked up on a table because I was too lazy to sort through it after I got the flat files. Finally got things into nearly all the drawers and labeled them. That was pretty cool really. I had to make something last night (I could tell you but I'd have to kill you) and it was so easy to pull out the drawer of "Painted Paper Scraps" and instantly gather up some cool stuff. What a bonus!

And I even painted again into the wee hours. This habit of working late is serving me well and I am getting a lot done in the hours from 9pm to midnite or one. It's like my special time, just me and the cats because all three of them join me. Oddly, I still get up about the same time in the morning and currently don't feel I am missing the sleep. Of course I might hit the wall at any moment.

So today I tackle the guest room and then I am going to ramble around some of my favorite bargain spots to see if I can find any cheap yet charming things to put in there. Like a small chair, a side table, lamp, even a luggage rack would be good.

Tomorrow will be the dreaded dining room.


  1. Your post makes me laugh when I think of a comment Steve sometimes makes... When I get into a BIG cleaning frenzy, Steve will ask, "Are your parents coming to visit or something?" Like their visit automatically means the cleaning needs to reach a new level. Why do we do that to ourselves? Hugs, Shari

  2. In 1994 I visited a friend in London. She had chocolate and flowers and a little book next to the bed. I don't remember another thing in that room.


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