Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So, life resumes

Whew, just like the title of one of my collages, I am coming up for air. Mom and Dad are gone, I have finished the laundry and the house has mainly been restored to normal (whatever that might be).

It was a good visit. Mom and I spent a lot of time in the studio and I set her up at my paste painting station. She painted a lot of papers that she will use in projects for a home show she is doing in November. I think she had fun getting messy because she usually works in her kitchen and I am guessing she holds back a little bit because of not wanting to completely trash the place.

Many funny moments over the weekend. I won't allow my Dad to smoke his obscenely stinky cigars in the house (duh). So he smokes out on our patio. He actually stands outside the door and continues to watch TV through the door. Mom said he does the same thing at home although he even pulls a chair up to the door. It is pretty hilarious and unfortunately I didn't think of getting a picture of this till it was too dark.

After my parents left, John and I celebrated our 13th anniversary yesterday. We thumbed our noses at all those naysayers who said it wouldn't last. And yes, there really were such people. It is pretty funny to think of today, but I remember actually discussing that "objection phrase" when we were working on our marriage vows. Because I knew someone would really object.

We have the last laugh though and I thank my lucky stars I ended up with this man as my partner. I could not have wished for a better friend to be at my side during life's journey. I simply cherish him.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of the cutest lovebirds I know !!!!!

    (and so far so good...I'm feeling good !!!!...thanks for asking)

  2. happy anniversary, mary beth & john! ain't love grand?


  3. Happy Anniversary to both you and John! I guess I forgot that it was in October... if I even knew that... But I couldn't be happier for both of you! I hope you did something fun to celebrate!! Hugs, Shari


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