Friday, October 26, 2007

Love it!

Silver Lining, 2007, Signe Grushovenko, copyright held by the artist
I am absolutely thrilled to have been gifted this painting by my friend Signe. Having not crossed paths all year, it was fun to catch up with her at Kentuck. She fell in love with one of my little pieces and of course I love all her work, so we exchanged gifts and I will now look at this piece every single day as it hangs in my office.
Signe and I are influenced by so many of the same things although we obviously move in different directions with our work. This idea interests me about artists, how we can see the exact same thing but bring away different meanings. I have always wanted to curate a show about that - a display of various artists reacting to the same situation/scene/stimulus and how they present it from their own vantage point.
But I digress.
Check out Signe's website to see more of her work.


  1. This is a great piece, MB! I'm totally addicted to trading at these shows now... Shari

  2. you are so deserving of this breathtaking piece!

  3. What a great picked a beauty !!!


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