Monday, October 08, 2007

Rockin' and rollin' lovebirds

We interrupt the art programming to bring you talk about relationships.
I share with you today, shots from a wedding we attended over the weekend (they had a Photo booth, how cool is that!?!?). Congratulations Jeff and Donna! Your wedding was a delight and your touching ceremony came at the perfect time for John and me - kind of a renewal of our own vows.
Tomorrow is my 14th anniversary. They (that being the usual naysayers) said it wouldn't last. And I do not exaggerate, "they" really did say that. Probably due to our age difference (fifteen years in case you are wondering). Or perhaps due to our different personalities. John being the rock of Gibraltar/Jack Ryan(if you read Tom Clancy you know what I am talking about) kind of guy. And me being a roller coaster of wildly unpredictable moods and whims. Or maybe "they" thought it wouldn't last because of my poor track record in the marriage arena. But that's a story for another day.
Hmmm, who knows. All I know is I found the right guy this time. I'm in for the count and I know he is too. He is my rock and I am his roller coaster. It's a match made in heaven. Happy Anniversary baby.


  1. Happy, happy anniversary to both you and John. Mwah! Shari

  2. Lovely couple...
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy A-Day! You 2 are the cutest - obviously this is heaven.



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