Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Remember this face?

This is Merlyn. I haven't talked about him (or any of my other fur babies) for awhile. Today we had a trauma in the Shaw household when Merlyn somehow got a piece of kitty poop stuck to his right front paw. Now this is the cat who sleeps with us, who hugs us around the neck, kisses me on the lips, etc. Poop. On his paw.
He was very embarrassed about it and I knew he wanted it gone. I tried to pick it off to no avail. Then I got a rag, dampened it and tried to wash it off. No dice. Merle was exceedingly patient with all this but the shit would.not.budge.
Finally, when I was watching Dancing with the Stars (yeah, my dirty little secret), I called for John to bring a pair of scissors. I was holding Merlyn and had tied down the precise location of the concrete poop.
John came down and literally cut the pieces out of his fur.
Merlyn was grateful.
And so was I.


  1. You are a wonderful mommy as well - now that's true love, if you will go to the ends of the earth to get that poop off your kitty's paw, and consider his fragile feelings in the process.

    I love your banner - is it new?, or am I terribly unobservant?


  2. poor kitty and I love your studio. It is wonderful. I wish! I have a 10 x 10 hole in the wall... LOl lots of storage but no work room. wanna trade? LOL

  3. hahaha. I have a long haired cat who is OCD about poop. I hate to think what she would do if it was on her paw! Yeah, I told Larry, who is a bit OCD himself and is always washing his hands.....that remember when he pets the cats, he is petting an animal that is covered in a layer of cat spit (that is how they groom themselves) He shuddered a bit, and then let it pass. I was just torturing him a bit. lolol. more later, patti


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