Monday, October 13, 2008

Color my world

Our San Francisco/Napa trip was marvelous, just the little bit of escape that we needed.  I mean, don't get me wrong, our life is pretty darn sweet, but we do work our butts off (not that you can tell, because mine is definitely still back there).  But you know what I mean.

We visited lots of old fave spots from when we lived in SF.  Museums, restaurants, shops.  We ate, we walked, we ate, we walked, we ate and then we walked some more.  It felt wonderful to use my legs (again) for transportation - I simply LOVE that!!!  And we saw plenty of new spots, The Ferry Building for one, which has been completed since we moved away.  I liked it a lot, so much that I was there 3 times during 2 days.  Fantastic food from a variety of well known and lesser known vendors, restaurants, shops and a Farmer's market on the weekend.  The fruits and veggies so perfect they look like something from a photo shoot.  

It was Fleet Week, so we saw the air show from our hotel window - can you say Blue Angels!?!? So wildly synchronistic as we used to love Fleet Week and didn't realize it would take place during our visit.  

I caught up with the dearest of dear friends, my soul sisters - the girls who nurtured me through the beginning years of my artistic journey - they know where the bodies are buried (so to speak) and I love them for their unfailing support.  

So Blue and Green and fresh and crisp with PEACE for all.  That's how I would color my world.  


  1. It sounds like you had such a blissful trip to Napa -- filled with all of the things that you love.


  2. Oh I love SF and Napa! I live just 20 minutes south of San Jose in Morgan Hill. I get up that way a few times a year and I love it! One of my favorite restaurants for cioppino (sp?) in SF is Tadich Bar and grill! Yummmm! Have you ever tried it? Glad you had fun!

  3. Well, I don't know where the bodies are burried but I still like the art you make. Wonder how this trip will energize your work.

    I love S.F. too and we usually go to the Anderson Valley just slightly west of the Napa Valley. I'm glad you got a nice trip, a sweet anniversary and fun classes to teach.


  4. yes, the Ferry building is amazing. Was there last year..ate in a wonderful healthy cafe...ah...I have been there three times in my life. Once when I was 17, once with my ex, and then last year with a friend. It is always amazing. xxpatti o


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