Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a big girl now

All my friends in the "art fair circuit" call me the princess because John schleps all my stuff, drives the truck, puts up the tent, tears it down, etc, etc.  In fact, until recently, I didn't even know how to put up my own tent.  

That changed this past weekend when I went to a show entirely BY MYSELF.  Yep, it's true, I drove to Kentuck (in Alabama); set up my tent; staged my art; worked the entire show; calculated & paid the taxes; and then tore it all down and drove home.  

Twelve hundred miles.
One left over tent piece.  
And who knows how many sore muscles.  

I feel a great sense of accomplishment and am very proud of myself.   Sadly, sales were low for many artists, including me.  It was a very fun show though and I made solid contacts that will hopefully lead to more work down the road.  


  1. Congratulations MB! I am so proud and impressed. Welcome home.

  2. the princess is now an independent QUEEN....and what's wrong with that ???

  3. I am proud of you!!! But I am terribly jealous that your husband helps out with your shows

    Fun chatting with you at Kentcuk


  4. My dh helps me too. He is also my receipt writer and booth critic. He is the best!
    I had a sale last weekend, and posted about it too =)

  5. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I can vouch for this! Your booth was spectacular and I should know, since I was across from you all weekend. I'm glad you got home safely. Great to see you, Mary Beth. Please let's keep in touch.


  6. good for you, mary beth! and i bet you got to listen to whatever you pleased in the car the whole way there and back. that alone is an incentive to me to do something like that. you should be so proud!


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