Thursday, October 09, 2008

Today is my 15th Anniversary. It is a record for me, the girl who seemingly could never maintain a relationship (long story for another day). All I can say is I am incredibly blissed to have such a wonderful husband. John is my rock and my foundation. He is a man who believes in me with all his heart and his encouragement has allowed me to blossom in more directions that I could ever imagine. His intellect and wit never cease to amaze me. I respect so many things about him, but especially his patience and kindness. I think that he and I seem (to many) like an odd couple, but we are lucky in that we bring out the best in one another. He really does complete me.

Happy Anniversary sweetie.


  1. oh you love birds, you !!
    happy anniversary !!!

  2. oooh! that is just the sweetest thing to hear on your 15th anniversary. that makes me so happy for you mary beth. it sounds like you are truly blessed with a good, good love. happy, happy anniversary.

  3. You guys are so stinking cute! Congrats!


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