Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer days or daze

I haven't written anything substantive for awhile, so this is long overdue, this stream of consciousness hodge podge. Last week I mentioned that I was busy, well.....actually I was busy relaxing at the beach with family and friends. We went to the Outer Banks, which just happens to be one of my favorite places on earth.

Take one beach house. Add 2 kids, 1 dog, 8 adults (including one who is a pastry chef). Mix with steady wave action, low 80's, no humidity. Sprinkle with boogie boards and sand dunes. What do you get!??! Ah.......perfection on earth. Just couldn't have been any better.

This is me playing with my baby watercolor set and seaweed. I did a few "plein aire" paintings and that was fun for a change.

Here are "goodies" that Deb made for us. I ate a chocolate covered brownie with my coffee each morning for breakfast - can you say YUM!! And those almond cookies.....oh my!

Ian, age 4, was adorable on the beach. He is a little tentative (as you might expect) but this picture pretty much says it all.

And Aidan, jumping age 7, he was the optimal age for the full beach experience and we had to practically drag him out of the water he loved it so much.

I got back home and switched into art mode. I was just so inspired that I launched into a million things at once which is pretty typical when I get energized. Or maybe manic is a better word?

In addition to the "real" art, I've been decorating and painting - guest bathroom and bedroom.

As you read this, I am doing a show in Geneva, IL, then I'm home for maybe 12 days! I can't wait.


  1. where do you get your energy ?

    sorry I missed you in geneva..I'm hoping it was a great show for you !!

    maybe now I'll catch up with you in lake geneva...

    sheesh...too many geneva's huh ?

  2. Hi Mary Beth. I'm taking your class at V.R. in September, and so am just checking out your blog here. Very excited about learning your techniques! This will be my first class at V.R. Also interesting to see your altered heads! I am currently working on one of these; didn't know anyone else did them. See you soon.

  3. Love those rich oblong pieces you painted! Any chance we can get you to post the almond cookie recipe!?!? They look DIVINE! Can't wait to see the bedroom/bath photos...

  4. Hi Mary Beth,
    It was great to meet you finally in person at the Geneva show, Look forward to working together in the future!!!

    Peace and many happy days in the studio


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