Friday, August 14, 2009

Amazing gift

Check out this belated birthday gift that I received from a dear friend (thanks, John!). Is it fabulous or what!??! You can see the little mica window from the inside as well. And holy cow, how about the binding. Utterly gorgeous. It is filled with a nice heavy stock water color paper, but I am hesitant to use it right now. It is currently sitting in our living room in a position of honor so I can just look at it.

And here's a picture of Jasper Johns. I couldn't convey how much I love this guy. He is not Merlyn, but he has definitely helped all of us move through our grief and I am so grateful for him. My friend Karyl joked that Jasper hit the cat lottery when we adopted him from a rescue group. Well, I think that we hit the lottery too.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. crap...when was your birthday ?
    obviously I missed it...

  2. Jasper is beautiful!

  3. john is the best, isn't he? i love the book!!! i so adore him and cannot wait until we all get together again!
    and that kitty....what a beauty! Jasper johns looks like he found the perfect home!

    the tiny city looks SO cool, we have to check it out sometime! looks like you all have a great time!

  4. What a gorgeous book! I'm sure it will let you know when it's ready for your creative touch. They do have a way of speaking to us....

  5. Woodland Arts Fair just wasn't the same without you this year, but I did find inspiration in this artist's work: Her use of color is amazing!


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