Friday, August 07, 2009

a Banner Day

photo courtesy of Robin Hirsch, used with permission

For all you peeps not in the St. Louis area, this is Art Saint Louis, local arts organization extraordinaire. I joined when I moved to St. Louis six years ago and I have been delighted with the professional support, artistic exposure, friendship and fun I have found through this group.
So imagine my thrill when one of my paintings was chosen for a banner in front of the new (fabulous old) building! Yee Ha!
The banner on the left is "mine", so to speak.
Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    That is wicked cool, MB!

  2. Get. Out. You didn't even mention that! Good for you, MB!! That's totally cool and exciting!!!

  3. wow wow wow....
    I would be peeing my pants to see my art hanging like that....

    well, and doing a happy dance, too !

    congrats sweetie !

  4. that is just the COOLEST!!!


  5. congratulations, mary beth! i knew that one was yours. it's gorgeous.

  6. Congratulations!! I'll have to get to this gallery next time I'm in St. Louis :) Perhaps you should get someone to take your photo standing in front of this awesome display?

  7. Robin G8:23 PM

    Congrats! It looks really good!!!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Will they give you one?


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