Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dirty little secret

I am fascinated with debris.

Ok, I've said it out loud. I remember a day, years ago, when my stepdaughter and I were going to the airport to pick up her Dad, back when you were allowed to go to the gate. Anyhoo, I surreptitiously (or so I thought) bent down to pick up a piece of garbage. She stopped walking and looked at me with puzzlement, "did you just pick up a piece of garbage?"


Seriously though, the dregs of society, garbage, litter, discards......all fascinate me in a Candy Jernigan way. When I take my morning walk, especially on garbage day, I am frequently puzzled, if not stunned by the things that are left behind. As many of you know, the majority of my studio has been furnished with stuff I have dragged home from my neighbor's garbage piles.

Halloween, as you might imagine, results in a completely different landscape of litter. Geez, the amount of candy was kind of amazing. And I am not talking about wrappers, I mean pieces of unwrapped candy, apparently dropped in confusion.

But this shoe takes the prize. My editing prowess is thanks to Susan Tuttle, I am in week 1 of her online Photoshop class.


  1. Love the photo of the shoe, very cool. I've been known to pick up trash as well :-)) But I do limit myself to (mostly) rusted metal. I have a large mason jar slowly filling with twisted wire, smashed bottle caps & other unidentifiable detritus . I have no idea yet what I'll do with it, but one day that jar will call my name and I'll know exactly what to do with it.

  2. LOVE the shoe that was left behind....

    and I'm a garbage picker upper too and proud of it :)

  3. mary beth, I thought everyone (people like us)collected treasures from the gutter! when toni and I walk we always come home with goodies! keep on truckin! lyle

  4. Love that shot! I share your fascination with debris. I am amazed at what is tossed out as trash. I tend to see the beauty in things that are used, worn and tossed out. I can't pick up everything but I do like to find new homes for things, whether it is with me or someone else. Did you pick up the shoe?

  5. Oh, the stories that could be told about this photo! I pick up feathers and am told, "Ooooo, you don't know what's on that!!"


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