Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where Women Create

I don't believe I have ever 'plugged' a magazine here on my blog, but I guess the time has come.....I have been browsing through the pages of Where Women Create and simply put, I can.not.get.enough. I swear I am salivating as I turn the pages.

This issue features, among others, the amazing Patience Brewster, Winslow's Home and Janice Lowry. Go buy it. Now.
Then come back here and let's talk.

Ok, first, Patience Brewster. Oh my. I have bought her cards for years but I rarely give them away because I can't part with them. I lost site of her for awhile, but found her again recently. Her story tugs at my heart strings. I lovelovelove her art so very much, she is a modern day Beatrix Potter of sorts or at least it seems that way to me. The delicate nature of her illustrations is just so special; if you know me well, you probably realize that I like animals more than lots of people. I sense this coming through in the work of Patience Brewster. She seems like a beautiful human being, both inside and out.

Winslow's Home is a store here in St. Louis. It is enchanting, like entering a kinder and more gentile era. Daft as I sometimes am(it is on their sign, duh), I didn't realize there was also a farm. They are the vision of Ann Sheehan Lipton - I am so glad her her store is in St. Louis, how sweet is that!?!? Reading her story makes me want to chuck it all to raise chickens and plant vegetables.

And finally, the legacy of Janice Lowry is celebrated. Obviously, the magazine didn't realize she would die before their feature was published. All I can say is that I am grateful the feature was written and so many glorious pictures were taken. She must have been a truly amazing woman. What an incredible tribute to her life's work.

So, if you are still here, go buy the magazine already. There is so much more that I haven't mentioned. True eye candy. Try not to slobber on your copy.

(ps.....I have no affiliation, wasn't paid to say this, blahblahblah....its just a great mag)


  1. I didn't know it was a monthly ?
    I thought they made a book once or somerset did a bi-yearly version of it...but it's actually a magazine now ???

  2. I clicked on your link when I saw the "Where Women Create" post showing up on Beth's blog. I love the magazine, too, but I haven't bought the new issue yet. Now, you've given me just the nudge I need. I love the scrumptious images and the stories they tell.

  3. I've got the new issue and am saving it for a quiet moment when I can truly absorb it. I love this magazine (as well as Studios by Cloth Paper Scissors).


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