Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Mr. Postman

I've been a crafting diva today, making envelopes out of old calendar pages. It started simply enough.....I wanted to send postcards for my holiday gigs to my collectors. I had 2 postcards to send, one from a gallery and the other was a listing of places my work is available right now. I got all my addresses together, found postage and ugh, wouldn't you know it - I did not have any 6x9 envelopes.

I had previously promised myself that I was not leaving the house today because I desperately needed to nest with John and the kitties. So, I rummaged around in the studio and found these old calendars, dating back nearly 10 years. Can you say 'pack rat'? Ahem. At least I was able to find them, ha!

Anyhoo, here is the stack, ready to go out in tomorrow's mail. I am hopeful they will bring a smile to the recipient's face.


  1. These are so wonderful, I wish I was getting one in the mail!!!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad you posted a picture... these are FABULOUS, MB!! Lucky recipients...

  3. You have some great calendars stashed away! Looking back at mine from the last few years they would be getting such randomness as Harry Potter! :)


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