Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cross another one off the list

This is a recently finished commission that I delivered last week. The painting is 30" x 40" on canvas and incorporates a lot of symbolism that is personal to this particular family. Very cool stuff; they were quite inventive in their approach to the process and I think the final result is a testament to their thoughtful involvement. They saw a larger piece of mine (at a show) and asked me to do something similar only with their special collage elements. I was very pleased with how it turned out and I think they are happy too which pleases me immensely.


  1. I think the piece is fabulous. The color and texture are amazing. And the addition of the strong graphic makes this a wonderful piece.
    I am sure they will love it.

  2. Wow.

    Congratualtions of this incredible work and that you were able to collarborate with your audience so well, Mary-Beth. You are one talented lady !
    Big Love !

  3. Beautiful work! That sounded like a great commission piece, too, with great input from the client. I never would have thought of asking for a piece with my own personal collage pieces added into the finished work - very imaginative and clever.

  4. i love how the colors seem to wrap around each other. Beautiful!

  5. absolutely gorgeous!!
    love the colors!

  6. Did you know that Lois takes classes from me - and she and Gene were two of the first people I met when we moved here 15 years ago! Such a small world. I have a cousin who lives i Missouri, too. I would nearly describe Lois similar to your unique description of running with scissors... She's a lot of fun and a very good friend.

  7. ohhh....I'm sure they will love it !
    looks perfectly fabulous to me :)

    and the colors are just yummy !

    did you guys get snow ?

  8. It's beautiful!!! No wonder they just love it!

  9. This piece is gorgeous! Absolutley love the color. Sounds like things are busy as ever in your world....you rock! and you are an inspiration to me to get back in the studio over the holidays. Hope yours is a great one!

  10. It sounds like an interesting experience to have such involvement with the family in the process. The results are amazing!
    MB-I'm in Winter 2009 STUDIO!! Check it out to see my space in NH. See you in Sept :) Peg

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