Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Easel

This is the painting currently 'on the easel' in my studio. Sadly, it has been there for a few weeks, as have the little ones down on the floor. I've been finishing most of my smaller works while I am at the Store/Gallery. I love the fact I am to paint while I am there and I am getting better at continuing to work while people watch me. At first I would stop what I was doing and talk to them (cause it felt impolite to not talk), but I seriously think they just prefer to watch.

My mirrors have been selling like gang-busters which is cool. I am putting sayings on them now, (of course I forgot to take any pictures), but things like "Beauty is as Beauty does", "You look mahvelous" and my personal fave, "Like what you see."

These days, my works move back and forth between my Common Denominator series and my Abstracts. I find the works are merging together more which has been my intent all along, but it is on the s-l-o-w- train, ha, ha, ha.

My head is all over the place today. You ever have those days? When there are so many ideas fighting for space in your head, it is just crazy? There are Book projects occupying every inch of table space in the studio. I need to bring some to fruition though as it feels a bit wild right now. FUN (and fresh) stuff though and I can't wait to share them all with you.

Happy Monday everybody.


  1. I'm not surprised your mirrors are selling. Love your work. And I swear, slap inspirational or humorous words on anything and it instantly becomes even more salable!

  2. I hope fruition comes out of the chaos but in the mean time, enjoy the crazy process !
    Happy Creating, talented One !
    Oh, and happy winter solstice !

  3. Don't you just love the "process" of creating? I sure do!!! I would have a hard time working while people were looking too. It would take come getting used too! Can't wait to see your finished pieces.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas


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