Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ah, its Squam time

The website for Squam is live, so click on over there if you are thinking about going. Elizabeth has added a bunch of new events this year and there are so many wonderful options, oh my am I tempted on that 'By the Sea' retreat.

I will be teaching in the Fall Session. A brand new, never-taught-before class, The Nature of Klimt. I am really excited about it because, well, I LOVE Klimt for one thing. Plus I am really jazzed about all these new techniques using texture and clay and markers and blahblahblah on claybord. Somebody just slap me already.....

And I have a kinda Clif notes class on Color. I think it will be way helpful - sure wish somebody would have taught me all this stuff many moons ago, ha, ha.

And I have a FREE day, what a tremendous thrill. I am not sure what class I want to take, there are such glorious options. I am very tempted by the adorable contemplative Jen Lee. But I also kinda dig that Bloom True class by Flora Bowley. I haven't met her, but I already love her name - it sorta fits her work.

By the way, this picture was taken on Squam in 2009, the very last day. I bolted out of bed to see the sun rise. I was standing on our dock in my flannel pj's (with about 5 other women), all of us photographing the sunrise. Here is a link to my 'post Squam' wrap up blog where I see I also posted this same photo (and told this same story, I am getting old, huh?).

Truly, they put something in the water, I just know it.


  1. Sounds totally awesome. And I too love Klimt!! So that would be a good class for me to attend for sure. Have fun

  2. Two people are luring me to Squam more than anything and my lovely Judy Wise...I don't think it will be in the cards this year as my husband didn't get a trip anywhere this last year and our next plans should include both of us...but you never know...maybe Kim will be Klimting...
    Happy Wednesday !

  3. Memories of Squam and Eldorado cabin keeping me warm on this cold January morning. What a grand time it was, and will be again- can't wait for the color class!! Peg

  4. Consider yourself slapped :-) I read through the classes this weekend and both your classes interested me as did the Bloom True class. Your class last fall (Geometric Abstractions) really pushed me some new directions that I am diggin'.

    Still up in the air about going this year... A little disappointed that they upped the price, but cut the class time by half a day. But still....I kinda wanna go... :-)


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