Friday, March 19, 2010

Music for Smilin' Fridays

There are certain songs that I adore and they never fail to make me smile. Here are a few of them:
What a Wonderful World how can you not adore Louis Armstrong. And I just learned about this girl but I already love her happy sound The Cricket's Orchestra, Meaghan Smith is cute as a button and her voice is kind of old fashioned yet hip.  But my latest obsession is this version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World Swoon, swoon.

And, on a totally different topic, any perfectionists among us - ok, I plead from sometimes suffering from it myself, most of us Type A's go thru this, ugh, what a plague, talk about a good quality gone bad. Anyhoo, Robert Genn has a brilliant newsletter about Perfectionism with respect to Painting. You can read it here. And, if you don't get his email newsletter, consider signing up. Good stuff.

I am finishing up my Artfest Vending stuff. You might say I'm in a frenzy. Can you say 300 stencils? Aaaaacckkkk, all arriving today, need packaging, etc, etc. Once I get back from AF, I will put them on etsy, so you can all check them out. I've been playing with my samples for a few weeks and have to say (somewhat modestly, blush, blush) they are pretty cool.


  1. Yes I confess...Type A here too! Sigh!
    Your new items sound very cool...can't wait to see!

  2. There is something almost heartbreaking in Satchmo's voice when he sings Wonderful life. It is beautiful, but you can feel the saddness at the same time.

    Thanks for the tip re: Type A/perfectionist article. I will check it out. Have a great time at AF!

  3. Perfectionist? Me ? Well, maybe a just a little...
    Yay for you sharing the left over goodies with us non-ArtFesters ! Can't wait to see 'em !
    Good luck with all the prep....the tunes should keep you working it.
    Hugs, Lovely Mary-Beth !

  4. Hey Mary Beth....friend of Kristen Powers, here. We may be getting to know one another a bit better as time goes by here : )

    Hey, I would love for you to stop by my personal blog, Julie's Open Window, as I recently did a Q&A with Diana Trout & Wendy Vecchi (Feb 21 & 28) but even more, I would love to have you pop over to The Art of's run my dear friend Sarah Anderson over in the UK...she teaches art journaling and has a unique style.

    Nice to meet you!

  5. OH and speaking of music I still want to burn that CD but now Ican't remember her name....


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