Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paint chart madness

It seemed like fun when we first started, but believe me, it gets old hand painting paint charts.

There is a certain satisfaction seeing them all done though. And this is only half of them.

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  1. nancy connelly6:23 PM

    Yes, my dear, this is maddness. Guess you were "smart" enough not to bring it to the meeting. Second thought; maybe it's nuts.

    How many are you making?

    Have fun....

  2. what are the charts for???? xxp

  3. Why oh why would you be painting all of these!! Wowzers!!! That is a lot of work!

  4. You know the hand painted charts you can get for Golden paints? Well, these are the same except for Modern Masters, which is the paint we are going to carry at the store. Mainly used in the decorative finish biz, but I am dying to try them too :-)

  5. WHAT are you up to now chica?
    the first 10 look fun, after that not so much haha!

  6. Hahahahaha . YEs. I LOVE to start those color charts then it feels like an art school project. Well, I guess it IS an art school project.

  7. I'm glad there was a purpose in your madness! I have to admit, I clicked on the photo to make it larger so I could see it more clearly - now that's crazy! ha ha


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