Thursday, May 06, 2010

When, oh when

Will I ever be able to put my feet up and relax? I keep telling myself....after VR....after class....after I finish the new commission....after the next show...
But the so-called 'after' never arrives. I will not subscribe to a theory of wishing my life away cause that seems nuts to me. On the other hand I am kinda wiped.
I believe I get a break after these next 2 shows.
I'm at Laumeier in St. Louis starting tomorrow then in Springfield,IL the 15th and 16th.
Then a break. And I'm really gonna do it, I swear.

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  1. Your artistic mind needs some down time, some relaxation and fun, and then you'll be up and running again. You are one busy - and successful - lady! I know it takes it's toll (that's why everyone doesn't do it - they don't have the energy for it). Take care of yourself in little ways - a quiet moment in the springtime sun, a cup of something delicious, a glass of wine, a chocolate, a poem to read...each little thing will build you back up if you're feeling run down.

  2. Lovely feet shot !
    I hope you find momentary breaks along the way too, MaryBeth. They will help you enjoy and absorb the great things about your success, and the connections you are making as a result of living this artits life you have built.
    RH says it wonderfully !
    Wishing you magical moments of peace in the wonderful bustle.

  3. BJ Lantz1:21 PM

    There's a lot to be said for refreshing one's creative spirit.


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