Monday, June 07, 2010

Crazy Days

I was in Chicago this past weekend at the 57th Street Art Fair. We had heavy rains and bad winds interspersed with absolutely perfect weather. It was wild - the Midwest at its finest for sure.
Sadly, there were tents destroyed due to heavy winds, including one booth filled with all glass, yikes. Just horrible. As you can see from these pictures, the destroyed tents look very similar in construction - I don't know the exact brand of these, but we refer to them as EZ Ups (which is one brand on the market). They are also called EZ Downs and I am sure you can see why. Let me give you one piece of advice - if you ever consider getting into this biz, spend the extra money to invest in a sturdy tent and heavy weights. It is just tragic to see this kind of damage and trust me this was only a small portion.

There are 2 other pics which show my booth, including one where I had a painting sitting against the bike rack that kinda blocked entrance into part of my booth. It had become so very shady (I touched up this photo in PS) I wanted to drag all my art out of the tent so people could actually see it. Look closely at the other photo and you will see John sitting in his man cave behind the booth.....sound asleep I might add.

Incredibly, I had a good show. The 2 piece in the back left corner are gone. Along with another large-ish piece and a bunch of mid-range pieces. Oddly, I sold very few mirrors, geez it is so hard to predict what will move at a show.

Don't forget I'm curating over at Crescendoh this week. Click on over to see who and what I have linked up. There will be new links every day - they are good ones (at least I think so) and I hope you enjoy them too. Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Glad you had a good show. It is so hard to make a small tent welcoming enough to get people inside to look. And if you add is tough!

  2. Mary Beth, kudos for a good show even with the so so weather. I love the bright abstract you propped outside your booth, it really caught my eye. Thanks so much for featuring my crackle paint post on Crescendoh and your kind words on my blog. One day I hope to make a living from my art. Working towards it!!

  3. yikes....i'm glad you and all your lovelies were okay....if we hadn't had a grad party, we would have come down to this show....i keep missing it !

    did you go to the gypsy caravan show in st. louis htis year ?


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