Friday, June 04, 2010

Green thumb? It must be paint

I'm not so great with plants. My Mom is a world class gardener who raises amazing flowers which she harvests for pressing and then makes gorgeous paper that she uses in her handmade greeting cards. Me? Well, not so much.  I have never had a green thumb.

For years I would get this hankering for flowers and would spend way too much money planting them all around our yard. I would forget to water. I hate to weed. Forget to water. The 'dead head' thing baffles me. And did I mention I forget to water?? Oy, you can imagine how successful that was.

We have so many deer around our current house that now I don't even bother. Several years ago I got *really* into gardening(overstatement) and had a rather large Hibiscus in a pot on the patio(ok, so I bought one expensive plant). It bloomed like crazy and was beautiful. I had it right outside the door to the kitchen, thought it would be 'safe' from the deer. "Hahahaha," the deer said, "you silly woman." As one day I looked out at my 'pot of twigs.' They had eaten the entire 24 inch plant.

Anyhoo, I have majorly digressed. Terrariums are the thing for me. Love.Them. I have one on my desk at the store. It is a precious reminder of nature as I work in my Mall Environment. I just heard that Terrariums are IN now. Who knew!??!  Check it out on Design Sponge, a blog I adore.


  1. My gardening motto is: If it lives, I'll buy that kind again.

  2. LOL! Maybe many artists don't have the time to have green thumbs because we can always paint a flower...why plant it, weed it, water and fertilize it...when we can just go into our studio and paint it. And you can even put the acrylic ones outside :)

  3. oh wow this sounds EXACTLY like me...the mom, the 'dead head' bafflement, the watering (or lack of), the deer. Besides the paint thing, do you think it could be too much time spent under rummage sale tables?? My poor mom...she tries so hard to respectfully hold back from weeding and pruning when she comes to visit.


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