Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Link Love

If you like abstracts like I like abstracts, you must click here now and read a wonderful interview of artist John McLaughlin. Go to his website also so you can enlarge the pieces - I adore the ones in the Paintings on Canvas category. His work reminds me a little bit of my friend Sarah Giannobile, you can click here to see her paintings.
I think I love John & Sarah's work so much because I cannot seem to paint this way myself. I get really hung up on composition and rarely feel the freedom to create this 'all-over' type work, but I greatly admire artists who pull if off successfully like these two. I love the element of drawing in their pieces and have recently explored that in some of my work. Every time I see work with small drawing elements it reminds me of the Paul Klee quote, "A drawing is simply a line going for a walk." That thought makes me smile.
In recent days I am moving in different directions, almost as though somebody turned me on my head. I don't yet know where it will lead......oddly, I have had probably a half dozen people (at recent shows) tell me my work reminds them of Paul Klee. Huh? Not sure I see it myself, but I wallow in the compliment.


  1. Great new blog look, MB! Very clean looking. Also love the pop of the blue against the oranges/yellows in this latest piece. :)

  2. I really liked Sarah's work and Johns' as well! Your newest piece is awesome!!

  3. Lovin' your new creation!

  4. Oh my yes. I do love this kind of work. Cy Twombley is another one ...

  5. Love this piece. I'm always trying for those sketch lines but they are never quite right.....maybe I just don't know which material to use. Any suggestions?


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