Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I feel therefore I am

A husband's friend (thanks David!) sent me a link to this amazing website that has a goal of 'harvesting' human emotions from weblogs. Basically, whenever a weblog post has the words "I feel" or "I am feeling" this site extracts and saves the information. Once you recover from the freakish Orwellian nature of this project, it is kind of cool.

You need to click on the applet to get the whole story - check out the 'Madness' area, a visual representation of posts, dots and squares and all sorts of colors, flying around on the screen. By moving your mouse over an area, you can see the geographic origin of the post; by clicking, you can see the actual phrase. Another area called 'Murmurs' is a scrolling screen of posts, one after the other, sort of mesmerizing. There are other sections as well, all showing a different view. Truly fascinating.

I feel like a voyeur and some of these make me smile while others are sad.

Now I am going to watch to see if my post shows up.....

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