Monday, October 04, 2010

Still amongst the living

Yep, I am still here. Good grief, it has been a ride these past few weeks. Between renovating our bathroom, participating in an Art Fair, going to NH to teach at Squam, spending a week in Canada with my sweetie and hosting a visit from my parents I feel a little like a whirling dervish. I have done little art except for writing in my journal, that being the Teesha-style journal that I made awhile back.

Judy inspired me when we were roomies at Squam. I was so envious of the dedication she has to her journal(s) and observing her made me think about what prevented me from a daily journal habit. Seriously. I thought about it a lot and tried to figure out my issue. I came up with a lot of friggin' lame excuses ranging from lack of time to exhaustion from making my 'real' art to need time w/the hubster to blahblahblah. It really doesn't matter because they were all just excuses. And aha (as in Oprah aha moment) it hit me. I have a choice. To journal or not to journal. My life. My choice, if I want to journal, I simply need to choose to do it. Duh.

And so I do. I have carved out a time in the evening - that time when John and I sit down with a glass of wine to decompress - I pull out my journal. Am I an everyday journal writer? Not quite yet, but I am working on it.


  1. i have trouble journaling too....i think it's because i feel that it has to be a piece of i over think it instead of just writing....arrghhhh

    you've inspired me to try once again.....

  2. Yes, you've been a busy lady lately and I'm glad you have so much going on - means people want to see your art, learn from you, visit with you, etc. - which is always a good thing. Also glad you're dedicating more time to your journal because I love to see what you're working on. I, too, have the dreaded excuses for NOT journaling because it seems let like art and more like just stuff I put down. But my sketches and journal stuff have turned into larger paintings and more artful work. Plus, I feel like I don't have the skill others have for it - some journals are so perfect just as they are - no bad sketches, doodles or mispelled words because you're writing too quickly. Again, just an excuse, though, and the autumn and winter are perfect for journalling. Maybe I'll find mine, too...


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