Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baking and baking and.....

Yep, baking. I must have eaten who knows how many pounds of raw cookie dough this past weekend. Cause you know that's what you do when you bake? Or at least it's what I do. That's why I try to bake early in the day because then I call it breakfast. Seriously. Perfect with coffee.
Grandma's actual recipe
I made my Grandma's Thumb Print Cookies. They are my favorite cookie in the world.  I always put icing in the thumbprint parts, never jelly like some recipes suggest. I mean seriously.....
I am trying to save them for guests...


  1. good luck with saving them for guest :-) Sound & look delicious, especially love seeing the well worn recipe of your grandmothers.

  2. Oh and thanks for putting up the sketchbook challenge button.....that looks like fun so I'm in too.....

  3. Sounds good!! I will take a dozen or so!!??
    Merry Christmas

  4. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Yum! I'm hoping to do some baking today (pumpkin roll).

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. A post after my own heart!
    Let us bake, let us bake, let us bake! The cookie....the edible art!


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