Friday, December 17, 2010

Tarp Heaven

Oh, be still my heart. Check out this tarp!!
I could see using it for all kinds of tasks.
Sanding for one thing. This tarp would help contain the sanding debris. And perhaps I could use it for a Sanding Station in my studio, rather than just sanding wildly wherever I happen to be, thus having airborne yuck yuck fact, my friend Dawson (check out her site, you gotta see her work, by the way!) called me out last week for sanding while I was on the phone. Ahem, what can I say - I am a multitasker.
Anyway, I don't have any affiliation with Lee Valley, but just thought this was pretty cool. It is a nice size at 32" x 32" and also a very good price @$4.50. 
And don't ya know I placed my order before you all rush over there and buy up their inventory.


  1. I must say I LOVE your “Stratilicious” Collection. I was a rock hound (certified) since grade school. Your textures and color have a beautiful connection to geology. The name makes me happy too, thanks MB

  2. And the best thing is that it isn't that awful bright blue.

  3. That would come in quite handy, but I would be too impatient to set it up. I still have issues with glitter containment... It's not fun if it doesn't get everywhere. Hope you are enjoying the holidays.


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